The Woes of an Unorganized Garage

The Woes of an Unorganized Garage

It had been a long and tiring week, so when Scott was heading out his front door that chilly Friday morning he was especially happy that the weekend was almost here. Scott carefully picked his way through the snow and ice to his parked car in the driveway, congratulating himself for not falling or spilling his coffee. He had started his car with his remote starter inside but it still needed some manual scraping. Having cleared a nice patch from his windshield, he could see that his console was standing open. He figured one of the kids had left it open but continued scraping ice from his windshield. With frigid hands he began making silent promises that next winter he will make room in the garage to park.

As Scott finally lowered himself into the warmth of his car, he realized his glove box was also open and its contents were strewn all over the front seat. Scott’s stomach dropped as he remembered that he had left his wallet and laptop in the car last night in a haste to get inside and dig through the messy garage to find sidewalk salt before the weather turned worse. Sadly, of course, no laptop or wallet were to be found.

“It’s one of those things you never think will happen to you” Scott has sheepishly explained. Scott reported the incident to the local police and quickly learned he wasn’t the only one who had his Friday morning turn south. “The police told me that three other cars in my neighborhood had been broken into that night.” The police explained to Scott that criminals cruise through neighborhoods scouting out the houses that routinely have cars parked in the driveway knowing that owners foolishly leave valuables inside. According to Kane County Connects, 92% of vehicle burglaries occur on a residential street or a residential driveway.

“The police told me that three other cars in my neighborhood had been broken into that night.”

All of the sudden, his wife’s ongoing pleas to clean out the garage made more sense to Scott. Not only would his car not have been broken into if he could park it in the garage, but he wouldn’t have to scrape or walk through ice on a hurried weekday morning. And, Scott hadn’t even begun to measure all of the benefits he would experience from parking his car in the garage.

Check out these Top Ten Benefits of Parking a Car in the Garage by Mr. Clean where being Less Likely to have Theft or Vandalism is only one of the many perks of parking your car in the garage.

Scott is a smart guy and knows that his garage mess had mushroomed out of his control. When Scott called Bee Organized and told us his “messy garage woes,” we quickly assured him that he wasn’t alone. Garage projects make up a large percentage of our business because the garage tends to be a natural dumping ground. At Bee Organized, we love to help our clients take back control in the garage and reap the many benefits of having an organized garage.

Check out what Bee Organized client, Stacie of Leawood, KS, had to say about hiring Bee Organized to organize her garage:

“After years of squeezing my car into my cluttered, dirty, and jam-packed garage and feeling the stress of a project that I never seemed to be able to tackle, the Bees at Bee Organized worked their magic.  They helped me get rid of what I didn’t need, organize in a way I could not have imagined, and create a space that truly put a smile on my face every time I entered it.  Who would have thought a garage could bring so much happiness and take such a weight off my shoulders?!  I’m so happy I made that call to Bee Organized and will always be grateful for the work they do!”

Thank you Stacie – your Bees had a blast working with you! Check out the before and after of her garage and the unique bike storage solution we provided. And make sure to see more before and after photos from garages across Kansas City!

garage bike organization

We hate that Scott had to become another statistic when his car was broken into and his valuables stolen. But he hopes the retelling of his “unorganized garage woes” will save other people from his same fate. Last week as we were finishing our garage organizing assessment with Scott, he lovingly joked that his wife not being able to continue to nag him about cleaning their unorganized garage is another reason he is so excited to have called Bee Organized!

**Stay tuned for before and after pictures of Scott’s garage organization along with his reaction and, more importantly, his wife’s reaction!**

So, tell us…what’s keeping YOU from parking in YOUR garage?