An Olympic Gold Pantry Makeover

An Olympic Gold Pantry Makeover

We are so excited to introduce the author of this blog, Owner of Bee Organized San Francisco, Trish Hodson.  Trish launched this Fall and would you believe one of her first clients was none other than Kristi Yamaguchi?! We are so proud of Trish and excited about the buzz she is creating in the Bay Area! 

Kristen & Lisa


Bee Organized had a blast working with Olympic skater, Kristi Yamaguchi, to deliver her an organized pantry befitting a gold medalist!

Of course, every new job brings with it memorable experiences and teachings. Just the sheer fact that this was Kristi Yamaguchi’s pantry was memorable enough, but we learned quite a lesson…NEVER purge the empty Wheaties box with your client’s face on it!

Don’t fret! All is good. Kristi caught our error before it hit the recycling bin but we did have a good laugh…and a chat about memorabilia not belonging in the pantry!


When you’re as busy as Kristi, having a Pinterest-perfect pantry just isn’t a top priority. Calling out an organizing S.O.S. is nothing to be embarrassed about. We tell our clients to think of their disarray as a badge of honor representing a life that has been spent making memories and being present with loved ones and pursuing their passion. As a busy mom, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with Always Dream Foundation, Kristi embodies this philosophy. 

So give yourself a break! Your unorganized spaces can be transformed into beautiful and functional spaces with just a little help from the Bees.  

Bee Organized approaches each project with sustainability in mind. A lot of thought is given to how we rework a space so that the family can easily maintain it and it doesn’t revert back to its “pre-Bee” state!

Our goal for Kristi’s pantry was to provide customizable and sustainable solutions so she and her busy family could maintain it without a lot of effort and thought.

The first order of business was to purge any expired food (just not that old Wheaties box!).  Lots of valuable real estate can be found hiding behind those stale crackers and pre-war Halloween candy. And while Kristi’s pantry didn’t have a lot of expired food, we still needed to create more space for everything she needed in there.

At this point, we made another interesting discovery…preserve jars that had Kristi’s pals, Scott Hamilton and Brian Boitano, on the labels! Like I said, every job brings memorable experiences.

We had Kristi look at the bulky, non-pantry items and decide whether there was a more logical space they could be relocated. Turns out the crockpot wasn’t getting much use in the wine cellar…so, voila…out went the holiday bowls and serving platters and in came the crock pot!  The holiday platters joined their friends in a kitchen cabinet dedicated to similar pieces. Sometimes something sits in a space so long, you forget that logically, it doesn’t belong there. Bees are insightful little creatures, aren’t they?

With the purging and relocating of items behind us, it was time for Kristi and me to get to the fun stuff…ORGANIZING!  We dove right in sorting foods and putting likes with likes. We also had to determine what needed to be contained and how best to contain it according to the inventory Kristi and her family usually keep on hand.


I explained to Kristi how the Bees love clear acrylic containers for the pantry because you can see what is in them without having to rifle through them.  Kristi loved our space-saving tip of using “stadium seating” for her canned goods.

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art – and so is having an organized, functional and pretty pantry!”


Speaking of a pretty pantry, I reminded Kristi that whenever possible you must decant! We got all of those ugly boxes and plastic bags out of there and replaced them with sturdy and easy to clean containers. Having items like cereal, nuts and grains in plastic or glass decanters makes inventory easier to track and keeps your food fresher longer AND makes your pantry look so, well, organized!


Finally, label, label, label.  Having a label on every container will ensure everything is returned to its dedicated space, eliminating piles of food from accumulating.  Kristi loves the aesthetic of neatly labeled containers when she opens her pantry door.



The end of an organizing project is always so fun because you see the fruits of your labor come together…maybe a little bit how Kristi felt when she nailed a new jump on the ice? Although no one was throwing roses on the floor of the pantry when we finished, Kristi felt like we had achieved gold-medal organization and THAT’S a win for everyone!

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