Inside My Closet – We’re in 435 Magazine!

With the new year upon us and “Getting Organized” as the second most popular New Year’s Resolution, 435 Magazine was spot-on in choosing to focus on closet organization for their January issue. Bee Organized was delighted and honored to show off our closet organization skills and philosophies for the article!

Prior to the “photo shoot” day with 435, we had to find just the right client who would be willing to put their closet on display for all to see. With just a little prodding, our sweet client Kami Sjoberg opened her home and her closet to the Bees and the 435 staff with a timid smile.

Kami is a busy mom and business owner who is always on the move. Whether it be dressing for sales calls, a business trip or a weekend of baseball games with her boys, Kami needs to make decisions fast and doesn’t have time to dig through a messy closet for just the right outfit. However, with time being such a precious commodity to Kami, old and new clothing, shoes, and accessories had piled up in disarray in her spacious closet.

As we rolled up our sleeves and tied our aprons on, the reporter asked us questions rapid-fire succession about exactly how we do what we do. All the while, the photographer was snapping pictures left and right. We’ve got to say, we Bees are not shy and we know what we are doing but getting photographed in the process is a little bit daunting! Soon enough we found our “groove” and forgot about the photographer altogether.

We love how the reporter, Allyson Wilson, captured our closet organizing philosophy and compiled it into a list of 10 Tips. Allyson even zeroed in on Catie’s, our resident licensed therapist Bee, take on why closet maintenance and organization is so intimidating for so many of us.

“Everybody has their own (issue with stuff). It’s not just attachment, either.  It’s embarrassment or guilt or shame about the excessive buying”

There are so many emotions that are on display when we are working in someone’s closet. Oftentimes there is guilt and frustration about differing sizes that remind us we aren’t as skinny as we used to be. Or we keep old career clothing hanging to remind us of what we used to be.

There are a lot of ways that your closet can pull you down and make you think negatively. Bee Organized is on a mission to change all of that and make your closet a happy positive place to start and end your day, housing only what you need and wear right now!

With a lot of purging, new matching hangers, hanging all likes together and taking advantage of “primary real estate” we were able to transform Kami’s closet into just that – a happy place that makes her smile! We surprised Kami with a cute sign reminding her how to start her day, a soothing smelling candle as well as some happy, personal effects that made her closet her “own.”

We think Kami said it best when she said, 

“I would never have had the time or patience to organize my closet this well. Working with the Bees in my closet was a great way to kick off 2018!”

It was our HONOR to play a role in helping Kami kick off 2018 with such a bang! And thank you to 435 Magazine for following us along on the journey. The experience was a great one and even made us feel like we were starring in our own HGTV show – if only for a day!

Just think…how would cleaning out and organizing YOUR closet change your 2018 for the better?!!

from left to right: Kristen Christian, Kami, Lisa Foley

Kuehl, Sherry & Wilson, Allyson. “IMC: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Closet” 435 Magazine. January 2018.

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