2018 Word of the Year: Light

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions this year, I decided to jump on the “Word of the Year” bandwagon for 2018. You’ve heard of it…you pick a word that means something to you and make it your “theme” for the year. The idea is to use the word as your beacon, guide or virtual rudder and then align your goals and habits around this one word. Generally, I would have fretted over committing to such a boxed in, permanent, formidable, year-long public declaration represented by just a few letters forming one tiny, power-packed word. However, my word for 2018 came to me rather freely…as if it had been hovering around my head for a while just waiting for me to notice.

Without sounding too cheesy, the word “LIGHT” came to me like a light in the night. (Ok, that does sound cheesy…but hang with me!) As I was reviewing my personal and professional goals for 2018, the word LIGHT seemed to creatively and uniquely support all of my goals in a positive way, while allowing an acceptable amount of room, interpretation, and flexibility.

Let me explain further. In typical goal setting fashion, I have broken my goals for the year into the likely categories:  Health, Family, Business, Spiritual, Home and so on. I was delighted to realize how the word LIGHT perfectly supports my goals in all of my categories in which I hope to improve upon! For example, regarding my Health LIGHT is a natural – eat LIGHT, drink LIGHT, get LIGHT! In the Family category, where three out of four of our kids are teenagers, the word LIGHT reminds me to be a LIGHT to them and to LIGHT-en up and enjoy these days for they are fleeting. You get the idea, right?

When it comes to my professional goals the word LIGHT could not be more fitting. When you run a professional organizing business the whole idea and focus of what we do is LIGHT. Again, let me explain…we work with our clients to LIGHT-en their load by helping them let go of mounting clutter, outgrown items, unused space-sucking relics and guilt-ridden mementos of their past. We work to literally and physically let the LIGHT in and help our clients breathe easier with less stuff. We have actually heard a client exclaim, “I feel so LIGHT!” after we helped her purge and get organized. So yes, I think the word LIGHT hits the nail on the head in this category as well!

So, as we are (already?!) heading into the second month of 2018, I am proud to report that this whole “Word of the Year” gig looks like it just may be a success. Having one word, rather than a list of daunting to-dos and difficult guilt-inducing challenges taunting me, helps me to simplify my thoughts and focus on my chosen word in every situation and allow it to guide me and my actions. I have to say, it’s been pretty cool. And since I don’t have a fabulous record of keeping my past overly-robust and far-reaching resolutions, I thought it would be a good thing to tell the key people in my life my “Word of the Year” and ask them to choose their own word and share it with me. My thinking was that we could all use one another’s words with each other
throughout the year as we navigate challenges, victories and everything in between together.

Unexpectedly, my friends and family have enthusiastically grasped this whole “Word of the Year” concept. One dear friend ordered our group of girlfriends bracelets with each of our words engraved on them. So now I wear a tangible and daily reminder of my goals as I LIGHT up 2018.

I wish for you a year of LIGHT as well. A year of LIGHT-ening your load whether it be your basement, your closet, your calendar, your worries and your fears, so that you can be open to everything 2018 has to offer you and yours.

So, what is your “Word of the Year”?

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