Living In Vitality

There is something powerful about hundreds of women gathering together…the energy is high, the excitement and noise are even higher and the positive vibes simply bounce off the walls! It was this kind of exciting environment where we presented our organizing philosophy at Shawnee Mission Medical Center’s 20th Annual Living In Vitality (LIV) Women’s Conference. LIV attracts women from far and wide to spend a day learning and exploring ways to improve their Vitality in relation to their physical and mental health through a day-long series of breakout speaker sessions.

Bee Organized presented at last years’ conference as well and had standing room only in our session titled Bee Organized…Simplify Your Hive. We were so honored to be invited back again this year and given an even larger venue to accommodate the crowd. Once again, the room was packed! However, we would love to gush and say that it was our sparkling personalities, professional PowerPoint and complimentary honey sticks that drew such fantastic crowds both years but, alas, we are smarter (and humbler) than that. We know it is the subject matter that drew women to us in droves clamoring for tips and tricks of our trade to help them get a hold of their clutter and keep their home organized once and for all.

The women who attended our LIV presentations are not alone. All of us have too much STUFF. We don’t know where to begin or how to finish this battle with our STUFF. We beat ourselves up and get pulled down and frustrated by the disorganization of our homes – the one place that is supposed to welcome us and bring us joy, be a retreat and oasis at the end of a long day and help us live in vitality.

So what was our answer to this thickening crowd? It was simple yet very powerful…

“Organization is a Journey, not a Destination.”

Oh, of course, we yammered away about organizational do’s and don’ts, showed jaw-dropping before and after pictures, and regaled all with funny stories and shocking statistics about American consumption. However, we hope that it is this saying with the hope and compassion reflected in it that our session guests walked away with. A different and more visual way of thinking about this concept is the quote we often use with our clients, “You can’t eat a whale in one sitting.” All of our STUFF didn’t collect overnight so it will take a bit more than that to organize it.

I giggle every time I say this quote because I am reminded of the Shel Silverstein poem titled Melinda Mae…young little Melinda sat and ate a whale one bite at a time until she was old and gray and the table was filled with whale bones.

So there you have it…two quotes and a great visual to make you feel better about your STUFF and your level of organization and to remind you to Live In Vitality. Be gentle with yourself and if you need help eating that whale, invite us Bees in and we will roll up our sleeves, pull up to the table and help you out…one bite at a time!

PLEASE NOTE: In no way is Bee Organized suggesting that the eating of a whale (no matter how long it takes you) is a good suggestion for your health, digestion or a proven way to Live In Vitality! 🙂

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