March Madness & Spring Organizing

In my house, March tends to trump even Christmas morning for some of its occupants. I guess it’s understandable since the month holds the promise of Spring Break and all the joys of warm travel and school-free days that come with it. But for my boys (husband included), it is the NCAA March Madness that gets them doing the happy dance! All of a sudden, our home and calendar is filled with brackets, bets, jerseys and watch parties that have become sacred events. From a very young age, my teenage son has declared that March Madness is “better than Christmas morning!”

Now, I have got to be honest with you, I am a basketball fan but I am not a FAN. I love following and watching the Kansas Jayhawks and of course, I don’t miss a good watch party. But the mouth-foaming-not-able-to-sleep-Christmas-morning-glee effect the NCAA March Madness has on my boys creates a bit of a more subdued reaction in me. However, I do love an organized bracket with appropriately sized logos and color coding!

Whether you have jerseys, flags, and team color cocktail napkins to organize or not, March is also the month that ushers in spring and the promise of rebirth and growth. For organizational geeks like myself, the impending newness of spring March provides makes us itch to tweak, rearrange and organize everything in sight to the tune of whistling birds.

So, while my husband sits studying team rankings and brackets, I work myself into a wild-eyed frenzy making plans and detailed lists to organize this, that and the other around the house whipping up my own kind of March Madness! Luckily through the years (and fails), I have become wiser in the way I approach my March Madness. I used to run around in circles randomly starting organizing projects in every room and then moving on to others before finishing in a flurry of very UN-organized organizing. Oftentimes, my excitement and joy of spring organizing got so out of hand that it was similar to the horror of a #2 seed getting upset by a #15 seed. The result was more frustration and mess than when I started. It seemed I was only making Madness in March!

If my old March antics sound anything like your approach to home organizing, let’s take a moment to review a more orderly and effective “game plan” for this March Madness we bring upon ourselves:

#1 MAKE A PLAN: Basketball players and coaches alike would never show up without a game plan. Make your own game plan and starting line up by prioritizing what spaces need to be tackled and in what order. Plan your moves and strategy BEFORE you start pulling things apart. Plan the plan…walk the walk. ONLY ATTACK ONE SPACE AT A TIME! Zero in on the space in your home giving you the most angst. There may be some things you pull out of that space that don’t belong there – set them aside, you can find homes for those items later. Stay focused on the space you are working on and don’t squirrel away to other areas, or it will just turn to madness.

#2 SET AN APPOINTMENT: Just like a basketball game with an exact start time and set minutes on the clock, set aside specific, uninterrupted time to tackle your space. Of course, you can call a “time out” and grab a diet coke but then get yourself back in there until that final buzzer! (I set my timer on my phone to encourage myself to stick with the project but stay within reason).

#3 BABY STEPS: I would imagine Coach doesn’t scream about last week’s game or fret about next week’s game while in the middle of today’s game. Take the same approach and don’t try to bite off more than you can chew right now, today. Your mess and disorganization didn’t happen overnight, neither will getting it back in order. Give yourself grace and focus on one step at a time.

#4 FOLLOW THROUGH: When basketball players line up for a free throw, they know they better follow through on their shot or they will hear “air ball” shouted from the stands for the rest of the game. Follow through with the job, get it done. Drop off donations, fix items, label those bins, relocate items that no longer belong in the space, throw the trash away. Follow through. Get it done.

#5 MAINTAIN: When the brackets are wadded up and thrown away and we turn the calendar page, basketball players don’t hang up their jersey and stash their shoes while they sit around waiting for the next season to start. They have to maintain their physical prowess and better themselves for the next season through practice and maintenance. The same can be said for your organizing. With just a small amount of attention and daily or weekly maintenance you can keep your spaces organized and working for you like a pro.

Yes, March Madness has a different meaning to different people but one thing is certain, you can take the Madness out of March in your home by following the above simple steps…er, game plan. And should you find that you need to add a few players to your roster in order to get it all done, call on Bee Organized and we Bees will suit up, tape up and join your team to help you Simplify Your Hive!


This basement was truly driving its’ homeowner mad! The shelves and floor had become a dumping ground for outgrown, outdated and unwanted items making it hard to find anything or even navigate within the space.


The Bees came in and made sense of it all by helping the homeowner purge all of the items that no longer served a need for him and his family. After purging the unwanted, the Bees helped establish a simplified and sustainable system within the space that takes all “madness” out of the equation!


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