Who knew ‘Orderliness’ was a virtue?! We love it…God is the original Bee! This month’s virtue for a local second-grade class is Orderliness and we were invited to come speak to them about it. What an honor?!

Prior to us coming, the class was given athe assignment to bring Orderliness to one area in their home and then write their emotions about the space before and after. (We’re considering commissioning a few of them to be Bees and write for the ‘See the Results’ section of our website for sure!) The spaces they chose to “swarm” ranged from bookshelves and lockers to toy boxes and nightstands.

When we asked for volunteers to share the emotions they felt about their new Orderly space, the sweet gathering of adorable faces in front of us turned into an antsy, arm shaking, “me, me, me” shouting mob! They were all so excited to share their “transformation” experience with us! Words like “Happy!”, “Proud!”, “Excited!” and “Relaxed” were shouted with a sort glee and happiness you just don’t hear very often.

You see, the effects of our surroundings don’t just bother us Moms and Dads, kids feel it too. When things are in disarray we feel, in the words of our new 2nd grade friends, “crazy,” “bothered” and “flustered.”

We talked about how being Orderly helps us to focus and be more relaxed. We talked about how being Orderly makes it easier to play and have fun. And we talked about how when things are Orderly we can better hear the whispers of God and be more in tune with Him and His direction for us. Yes, being Orderly is a virtue and we were delighted of that reminder from these precious, truth speaking babes.

So, what area of your home are you wanting to bring Orderliness to? I don’t think any of our new little friends are up for hire just yet but Bee Organized would be happy to step in until they are!

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