Betsy Merckens

  1. Bee Super Power? Patience and compassion
  2. Favorite place to organize?  Seasonal pots and a messy garage
  3. Guilty pleasure?  Binge worthy shows
  4. Favorite place to unwind? My Home or the mountains w/ my family
  5. Pet peeve (or a Bee Sting)? Pickers – toe pickers, scab pickers, nose pickers, nail pickers…. and unkind people
  6. Words to live by?  Always be Humble and Kind
  7. Favorite Nectar (drink)? Chai tea latte or glass of wine
  8. Best Inspiration?  My children
  9. Favorite organizing tool / product?  Drawer dividers and containers for the pantry
  10. Theme Song for Life?  Always Be Humble and Kind – Tim McGraw and Shower the People – James Taylor