Kristen Christian

Bee Organized owner Kristen Christian portrait
  • May 9, 2018

Kristen Christian

Kristen Christian is co-founder of Bee Organized and the Chief Marketing Officer of Bee Organized Enterprises. Kristen’s business experience includes sales and marketing, entrepreneurship and business development. Kristen has a broad range of experience from the large corporate setting to the locally owned small business.

As a salesperson, Kristen loves the rush of closing a sale but truly relishes the unique relationships one establishes by servicing clients and going that extra mile in meeting their needs. Kristen is fascinated by organization and people’s relationship with their STUFF. She continues to daily hone her organizational skills at finding a place for everything as she raises her four children with her husband, Matthew.

Kristen runs the Client Relations side of Bee Organized as well as Sales and Marketing. She has loved building Bee Organized from the ground up on the solid foundation that you treat everyone with compassion, non-judgment and patience. Kristen will enthusiastically teach the ins and outs of organizing other people’s stuff and running an organizing business with a realistic and supportive attitude in order to spread the joys of organizing nationwide. Kristen attended the University of Kansas with a degree in Journalism.