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Shelle Jensen

After raising four kids, Shelle and her husband, Dan, are finally experiencing the joys of an (almost) empty nest with their youngest off to college. Shelle has mixed feelings about this newfound peace and quiet, but one thing is for certain, she knows how to manage a home! Shelle has “been there, done that” from wrangling Legos in the dining room to storing multiple sets of football gear to finding new ways to get her big and busy family heading out the door on time. With her kids in different stages of life and different cities,  Shelle is getting really good at storing other people’s stuff! She has also pared down her parents’ home as they embark on a new stage of their lives. Talk about new life stages…Shelle and Dan just became Grandparents this past Fall. Shelle is down-to-earth and non-judgmental. She will make you laugh with her funny analogies and insight. She loves cats and dogs and an ice cold Arnold Palmer!