Shelle Jensen

  1. Bee Super Power? Sense of silliness, making things fun
  2. Favorite place to organize?  Basement
  3. Guilty pleasure?  Coffee ice cream
  4. Favorite place to unwind? The mountains
  5. Pet peeve (or a Bee Sting)? Insincerity
  6. Words to live by?  There is NOTHING more important than the treasured relationships in your life. Work hard to nurture and forgive, understand and be patient, and love and cherish these relationships always
  7. Favorite Nectar (drink)? Chardonnay
  8. Best Inspiration?  My faith
  9. Favorite organizing tool / product? A broom and dustpan, tidying up can make a WORLD of difference! even in a basement!
  10. Theme Song for Life?  Thankful by Josh Groban