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Trish Hodson

Trish is our second Bee Organized Franchise owner but her organizing skills, compassion, and friendliness are nothing but first-rate! This Canadian-born organizing guru has been ready for this job her whole life!

Trish met her husband, Spence, back East and they have been on the move ever since. Between having three kids and several moves across the country, Trish knows the value of simplicity and organization while also keeping it real. Her favorite organizing challenge is the pantry but the organizing of her family’s growing shoe collections continue to stump her.

The Hodson family loves the San Francisco Bay Area and have quickly made it their home. For Trish, the perfect day is spent organizing for others and then relaxing with a hearty red wine as she revels in the joyous feeling of making the world a more organized place. You are going to love this funny, authentic and welcoming Bee who cannot wait to share the joys and benefits of being organized with the Bay Area…one hive at a time!