Basements & Attics

Basements tend to be the catch all spot where things we think we might want or need someday or can’t bear to let go of actually go to DIE!! Plus, basements are dirty, spider-webby and, occasionally, have mice – the last place place anyone wants to think about a basement organization project!  However, Bee Organized LOVES basements and all the stuff they collect and the stories they have to tell!  And, in a fraction of the time you may think it will take, you can go from dreading your basement to being proud of it; you may even drag unsuspecting guests down to in order to show off your organizing prowess!

Bye Bye Basement Burden

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  • Kristen
  • Angie

A busy couple with 2 young children with a basement full of memorabilia from the past, hand me downs from family, and just the stuff of life. This basement became a dreaded place to step foot in – just the thought of the chaos lurking down below gave them both angst and overwhelmed them to even think of approaching getting their basement organized. They even found themselves going shopping for items they knew they had in the basement – but couldn’t bare having to endure going through the piles of stuff to find it. The result after our bee’s swarmed in is a harmonious, organized storage area where everything has a place, is clearly labeled and easy to access. Thanks to this burden being lifted, and the chaos gone, this adorable couple confided to us – they even brought friends down to show off their organized basement during parties.

Basement Clearout Turns into Toy Drive

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  • Betsy
  • Catie

We had a blast with this basement organization. This busy family had never gotten rid of any kids’ toys, books, or sporting equipment. They were desperate for space for their kids to play and do crafts, room for mom to do yoga, and a hangout space for all to watch TV.

After doing some rearranging, making zones, some serious elbow grease and three car-loads of donations, the homeowners were thrilled to see all of their now-outgrown toys donated to a charitable toy drive and a new purpose for their basement. The entire family felt as if they had just completed a remodel and had a whole new space to enjoy.

Basement Boxes Be Gone

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Bee’s That Made it Possible
  • Kristen
  • Lisa

When we started this basement, there were very few containers — everything was in cardboard boxes and you couldn’t see what was in them. There was such incredible potential for the storage space they had, but with so many cardboard boxes and no order to the space, stuff just started to take over. Once we broke down and recycled all of the cardboard, we were able to put likes with likes and sort them together and it made such a difference.  The homeowners did donate and sell items they no longer used or wanted, but even just sorting the items created order and opened up the basement. We created enough space to create a customized wrap and craft area for the family to use.

We enjoyed working with both of the homeowners on this project and delving into the unknown content of each box that brought lots of stories and memories to the surface.