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Your bedroom should be your own personal oasis away from the hustle and bustle of life…a place that reflects who you are and what is important to you…a place that makes you smile and welcomes you after a long day as well as encourages healthy sleep habits. Unfortunately, we often find bedrooms being the “holding spot” for unfinished projects, heaping ironing baskets, unpleasant relics of the past, possessions of other family members (think kids’ toys, video games, out of season clothing) not to mention school or work items that negatively effect your sleep – in other words, a big mess! Let Bee Organized help you take back your bedroom and redefine the importance of your own space. Bee Organized will help you eliminate unneeded items in order to simplify and organize the space, we will even help hang those pictures that have been leaning against the wall since you moved in years ago. After Bee Organized swarms your bedroom you will have that relaxed feeling of being in a hotel room…the only thing missing is room service!

From Wreck to Resort

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Bees on the Job

This guest room was a long way from a peaceful oasis for visitors. It had become a catch-all storage space for memorabilia and photos accumulated over 20 years.

With the help of the San Francisco Bees, this room went from wreck to resort in no time!

Guest Bedroom Reclaimed

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We loved working with this homeowner in reclaiming her guest bedroom that her master closet poured over into. This homeowner, like many of us had changed sizes several times, and not only had a variety of different sized clothing – but in each season as well! In addition to that, she LOVES to accessorize and had a collection of shoes, scarves, handbags and jewelry that you would envision seeing in a retail store! This dear client of ours loved the hunt of a good bargain – and was proud of all that she saved while spending! The only problem is, as she was bringing in the new – she wasn’t getting rid of any of the old, so naturally the guest bedroom became her new Master closet.

After going through both her (actual) master closet, dresser drawers, and the guest bedroom (pour over master closet), she purged the outdated, outworn, over or under-sized clothes. Got rid of half of her handbags, as well as shoes that she no longer wore. Even her jewelry collection was pared down. After all of the purging was done, and donations hauled away, the guest bedroom was reclaimed, and all of her belongings fit nicely into just the master closet where she could see the inventory of her entire wardrobe.

She still loves the hunt of a good bargain, but now better knows what she has in wardrobe, and what she truly might need to replace.