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Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?! Can’t ever find that perfect scarf to complete your outfit as you’re rushing out the door in the morning? People underestimate the power of an organized closet…having an organized closet improves efficiency, saves money and helps you look your best wearing what you have. The closet is a prime example of the old 80/20 rule… we all only wear 20% of what is hanging in our closets. Why?! Let Bee Organized help you determine what to keep and what to get rid of, discover new ways to mix and match what you have, determine the core pieces you own and even suggest the few items to add that will tie your entire wardrobe together. We use creative and effective storage ideas that allow you to see all of your belongings and make your closet a showcase of your personal style rather than that dreaded messy beast that brings you down.

A *small* Closet Challenge

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    After-young boy's closet
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San Francisco Bay

Bees on the Job

Just because the clothes are smaller doesn’t mean the closets are any less difficult to manage! In this closet, we took advantage of extra hanging space by sorting the t-shirts by color and placing them on crisp, white plastic hangers.

We find that plastic hangers are best in the kiddos closets as they can slide their shirts off them with ease.  Adding some baskets to the cubes provided much needed hidden storage space for the loose items that when left uncontained, can give a closet a cluttered vibe.

No More Wire Hangers!


One of the hugest closet transformations that you can do is switching out all of your hangers to be the same! Same size, same color – consistency is key, and there are so many options out there now!

You all remember the classic movie scene in Mommy Dearest “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS” – although we’re not as crazy, we do happen to agree! Investing in your closet hangers will instantly change the way your closet looks! The only exception to this “no wire hanger” rule is for the clothes that come back from the laundromat on those hangers. Keep those items grouped together, and color coordinated, and it will give the same consistent look in your closet.

Organize likes with likes – all pants together, sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves etc. Same with folded items – short sleeve t-shirs, long sleeved t-shirts, sweaters etc. Get creative with hats, scarves and shoe storage with the goal in mind that everything is off the floor and there is a place for everything.

The photos from this job is all from the same closet and was a father’s day gift his wife gave him. A project that he had dreaded turned out to be so much fun!

Fashionista Suite

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    Before After

This bedroom suite is a dream come true with amazing views overlooking the Country Club Plaza. There was a lot of closet space, but broken up with the mirrored sliding doors, so it was difficult to see the homeowners whole wardrobe at once. The Bee’s swarmed in, and after purging what she no longer wore or liked, we grouped likes with likes and were able to categorize each section of her closet so all pants were together, all knit tops together, suits and skirts together etc. The end result made it simple and easy for her to “shop” her closets to pair outfits together.

Part of her bedroom suite has a dressing area that had become a catch all space. Once Bee Organized redefined the space where everything has a place, and she knows the place for everything – it truly transformed into a luxurious master closet with all accessories and vanity area that any fashionista would adore!