Estate Sale Prep

In times of transition, shedding items from the past can be painful, stressful and uncertain. An Estate Sale may be just what you need!

If you’re doing it alone, making the multiple decisions of what to keep, give or sell can seem daunting. Bee Organized is always so honored to help simplify this process and provide resources in finding new homes for your beloved items through an Estate Sale or moving sale. We work in tandem with several local and reputable estate sale companies and can provide good insight in choosing the right one for you.

As you prepare for the estate sale, we will work alongside you in separating and sorting the items throughout your home. With patience and kindness, the Bees will help you work through the decision-making on every item so that you are only packing and moving items that you love and need and making the most money in return on the items you are letting go.