Garages, Workshops & Sheds

The main entry of the home isn’t the lovely front door with potted plants, wreath hanging and designer porch light…for most homeowners they are greeted by the dingy, unorganized sight of their garage multiple times a day. The garage is a necessary evil but it can do a number on your psyche and your patience when in disarray. Bee Organized has many tricks up their sleeves to tackle pesky garage organization problems from wrangling kids ride-on toys to “tactfully” dealing with your husband’s ever-growing baseball cap collection!

Catch-All Garage

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Bees on the Job

This garage was a 3 rd car garage – with no 3 rd car. With a busy life of 2 working parents and 2 young kids, this garage space quickly became a catch all area with no systems in place.

By utilizing some storage shelves they already had, we maximized the storage space by containing what could be contained – and using the vertical space to hang the rest. The result is an actual 3 car garage where everything has a place, and systems set up to make it easy to maintain.

After getting this garage under control, family efficiency is at its peak!

Sporty Family Garage

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An active family of 4 has all seasons of sports covered! Like many garages we see, they had bikes, multiple sets of golf clubs, tennis racquets, baseball equipment, scooters, sleds even multiple yard games.

After brining in some storage shelves, and some simple rearranging, we were able to maximize the space and able to fit both of their cars back in the garage – all without having to give up any sports!

The “Mixed Nuts” Workbench

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When we were working on this project, we found tools all over the place – in tool bags and big boxes piled so high, you couldn’t even see what tools were in there. There were tons of “Mixed Nuts” containers holding random assortments of nails, screws, paint supplies, you name – it all mixed together. There was absolutely no order, and made things nearly impossible to find anything. As a result, once we got all of the tools together and started going through all of the inventory, we found there were lots of multiples because it was just easier to go buy a new tool rather than search through the chaos to find what they needed.

The end result, and benefit of a work bench, is a space where you are able to visibly see what inventory you have, and can easily access it when you need it. We even ended up using the “Mixed Nuts” containers – they stacked up easily, and with each container clearly labeled, it made it very simple to find exactly  what you’re looking for, and where to put it back when you’re done with it.