Laundry Rooms & Mud Rooms

Laundry rooms and mud rooms can often become cluttered with castoffs, making it impossible for these rooms to function as they should. Let Bee Organized declutter and clean out the piles of clothes, stacks of shoes, and yes, even help get the gunk out from behind those heavy washing machines. They can then institute some great laundry room hacks to keep those clothes and cleaning materials where they belong.

A Maintained Mudroom

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Bees on the Job

Mudrooms and laundry rooms are most parents’ dreams pace to be able to catch and contain all of their kids’ stuff and keep the rest of the home clutter-free. That’s nice in theory until the mudroom fills up with so much junk that it starts pouring over into the rest of the house.

This family is busy with year-round sports and activities, and each of their locker spaces continued to fill up with too much stuff.

Many people forget that the areas with the heaviest traffic have to be the most maintained. With a little help and a big push from Bee Organized, this family was able to eliminate the items the kids didn’t need on a daily basis and leave only items they truly needed access to. We stored the out-of-season sports equipment in other areas. The kids (and parents) found it was much easier to get out the door when things were where they were supposed to be.

More than a Laundry Room

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Bees on the Job

This laundry room does way more than just laundry. It also houses snow gear, dog stuff, sporting equipment, entertainment items, craft supplies, and the family filing system. Whew!

Bee Organized had their hands full with this laundry room organization project but didn’t miss a beat in paring down unnecessary items, establishing appropriate storage for everything left and even installing a magnetic board for calendars, to-dos, and family pics.

A laundry room that does as much as this one has truly earned the name Family Command Center!

Too Many Tables

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BEES on the job
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This Laundry Room in the basement was a very busy space with loads constantly coming and going from this 5 bedroom, 3 story home. The homeowners set up a few folding tables to be able to fold freshly clean laundry, but what started happening was the tables became a dumping zone and were no longer usable to fold clothes on.

The bee’s buzzed in, took down the biggest folding table (keeping the smaller one) and set up systems with baskets, hanging rack – even a laundry caddy between the machines to streamline the whole laundry process. With the new systems, the whole family can help manage the laundry in their home and it no longer feels like the dreaded burden it once was.