Playrooms & Toy Management

Whether you have one kid or enough to field an entire baseball team, toys can get out of control in a hurry and in desperate need of organization! This is one area where the “less is more” rule applies across the board! When kids have too many toys they simply serve as a distraction and clutter rather than an invitation to creative play. Bee Organized works with you, and your kids, to edit their toy collections to ensure that what remains is age-appropriate, has no missing pieces, has batteries if required and is actually of interest to your child. Setting up a place for everything and a system that is realistic and sustainable will empower your kids to put their toys away on their own and eliminate the constant mess. It certainly is no secret that kids play longer (and quieter) with their toys when there is order to them. Let Bee Organized add order and creativity to your kids’ playtime which adds peace to your entire hive!

Room to Play

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Bees on the Job

Let’s face it, kids love toys – and for those that have a whole space dedicated to their toys/crafts and play area tend to spend a lot of their time in that space…unless it becomes too cluttered and chaotic, they will find other places to play, or start pulling toys from the playroom to other areas of the house.

Our Bees channel their inner-child when organizing playrooms for kids, and pull from our experiences in raising our own families leaving the spaces with systems that are easy for the kids to maintain where everything has a place, and the kids know the place for everything making it very simple for them to clean up after themselves — giving them more time to play!