Your Life, Simplified! Bee Organized Was Interviewed on Mariner Wealth Advisors’ Podcast!

We want to thank Mariner Wealth Advisors for inviting us to be guests on their newly launched podcast titled Your Life, Simplified.

Your Life, Simplified “focuses on topics that can help make your life easier…from finances and wealth planning to your health, travel and organizing your life. It’s not just about holistic wealth advice…it’s a podcast about putting life in perspective and having a game plan.” We love how our two companies’ messages align and are geared toward simply making your life easier.

We had a great time with host Brian Leitner as we shared our passion for organizing, mixed with the psychology as to why we all buy and keep what we buy and keep! Brian was fascinated by the concept of a professional organizer. We hope we accurately explained the processes we go through with our clients and the benefits being organized can provide to one and all.

We have giggled more than once about how much Kristen over talks Lisa during the podcast (this is a trend that has been in action ever since the two were in the seventh grade). But the truth is, Kristen and Lisa are BOTH crazy about organizing and could BOTH talk about it all day every day!

Actually, ALL of the Bees in our hive are crazy about organization because we see the benefits of getting organized come alive on a daily basis with our clients. We see families experience increased efficiency and peace with cleared living spaces, we see widows’ shoulders lift when we help honor their loved ones by passing along their belongings to people in need, we see young moms feel empowered to sustain daily order through realistic organizing systems and we see overwhelmed retired couples turn from feeling dread to excitement about their upcoming downsizing move when we work with them and break the process down into bite-size pieces.

However, instead of talking all day about organizing, we will simply invite you to listen to Your Life, Simplified and hear for yourself all of the ways Bee Organized can Simplify Your Hive! Go ahead and smirk a little at how Kristen hardly lets Lisa get a word in edge-wise but know that it is just a small example of the magical yin and yang combo that makes this organizing duo buzz!

THANK YOU Mariner Wealth Advisors for hosting the Bees of Bee Organized and allowing us to spread our organizing passion with you and your listeners!

Mariner Wealth AdvisorsMariner Wealth Interview With Bee Organized

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