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As it is with most journeys, the first step is always the hardest …  it’s the unknown, the fear of failure and the fear of being judged.  Bee Organized takes the necessary time to meet clients in their homes where we patiently and lovingly guide clients through the often emotional process of organization. We all have stuff, and most of us have too much stuff…take the first step and call Bee Organized to see first hand how liberating it feels to Simplify Your Hive!

In Home Service

Bee Organized is a professional organizing company that makes the process of purging and organizing fast, fun and effective.  We do it all in a non-judgmental, at-home session for homeowners who may feel frazzled and overwhelmed with life’s daily demands.  We strive to transform rooms and spaces into areas that will create lasting peace and harmony in every client’s home. 
Note: We are firm believers that people’s surroundings (home, office, car) directly affect their mindset and ability to relax and / or perform.

Concierge Service

Hand over your to-do list to Bee Organized and feel the freedom of having your downtime back to be spent in the ways that rejuvenate you most, feel present in your daily life and help you feel successful at work, AND at home! It’s not LIKE having a personal assistant – it IS having a personal assistant!  Your own personal Bee to help you organize your personal life.


Once you call Bee Organized, you have taken the first step toward simplifying your hive. We know the process requires different planning, goals, changes and tweaks for everyone and every home and it all starts with a Bee Organized Assessment.

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