Simplify Your Hive

Organization is a journey,
not a destination

Our home should be a sanctuary…where we feel at peace, welcomed and relaxed. But the truth is, real life is crazy and messy and our homes can easily reflect that chaos. Bee Organized believes everyone deserves organized spaces that serve them, their family and their season of life. Furthermore, we believe in helping clients create customized, realistic and sustainable organizing solutions – and always with Compassion, Confidentiality and Judgment-Free. So, let’s start the journey together…we cannot wait to help you see how liberating it is to Simplify Your Hive!

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Our Process

Once you call Bee Organized, you have taken the first step toward Simplifying Your Hive. Our organizing process is simple, we patiently listen to our clients and fully understand their wants, needs and struggles while working alongside them. We know the process requires different planning, goals and requirements.

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Our Bee-liefs

Here at Bee Organized, we believe that being Compassionate, Confidential and Judgment Free are way more important than one’s ability to organize. Our Bees embrace these core values while working alongside our clients. It’s this genuine approach that makes us stand out from the crowd and why lives are transformed when the Bees are involved. It’s our honor to serve you!

Bees At Your Service

Whether you’re wanting to organize your spaces, preparing to move or simply need help knocking things off your to-do list, the Bees have you covered with our three areas of service: Home Organization, Moving & Life Transitions, Concierge Services.

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What’s your Organizing Profile?

We’ve developed a set of profiles to help understand the relationship we have with our stuff. Take the quiz to find out what kind of organizer you are.

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