Home Organization

Your home is your Hive

They say your home is your hive… but if your “hive” is in disarray, then frustration and stress take over! We are all busy – heading in a million different directions. By having everything in its place along with systems to follow, each of us can be more peaceful and present in every situation.

Bee Organized is ready to help you gain control of any room in your “hive” so that you can immediately reap the benefits organization has to offer.

Closets & Drawers

We all know having an organized closet improves efficiency, saves money and helps you look and feel your best. Let us help you purge and organize to create a closet that works for you and your personal style.

Kitchens & Pantries

These spaces are truly the heart of the home! However, more times than not they are neglected to the point where they can’t play their role in providing nourishing meals, family time and cost-saving opportunities.

Laundry & Mudrooms

The Bees know their way around a laundry room and have all the tricks to ensure this high traffic area is set up with customized systems for optimal efficiency.

Garages & Workshops

Don’t get caught with your garage doors up! The garage can do a number on your psyche and your patience when in disarray. We say, the messier the space, the better…our Bees love to roll-up their sleeves and have a passion for making this space a source of pride for you as the garage doors roll-up.

Home Office

If you’re trying to carve out a space in your home specifically for a command center, an office or a creative space, it can be difficult to keep it clean, organized, and separate from family living spaces. It’s easy to let papers pile up in your home office, or let kids’ crafts invade your study space. Bee Organized can equip you to get control of the clutter before it takes over!

Kid Spaces

Bee Organized works with you, and your kids, to edit their toy collections to ensure that what remains is age-appropriate, has no missing pieces, has batteries if required and is actually of interest to your child. Setting up a place for everything and a system that is realistic and sustainable will empower your kids to put their toys away on their own and eliminate the constant mess.

Basements & Attics

At Bee Organized we LOVE basements and all the stuff they collect and the stories they have to tell! And, in a fraction of the time you may think it will take, you can go from dreading your basement to being proud of it; you may even drag unsuspecting guests downstairs in order to show off your organizing prowess!

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

We often find bedrooms being the “holding spot” for unfinished projects, heaping ironing baskets, unpleasant relics of the past, possessions of other family members (think kids’ toys, video games, out of season clothing) not to mention school or work items that negatively effect your sleep – in other words, a big mess! Let Bee Organized help you take back your bedroom and redefine the importance of your own space.