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Home Organization

Basements & Attics

Basements tend to be the catch all spot where things we think we might want or need someday or can’t bear to let go of actually go to DIE!! Plus, basements are dirty, spider-webby and, occasionally, have mice – the last place anyone wants to think about a basement organization project!  However, Bee Organized LOVES basements and all the stuff they collect and the stories they have to tell!  And, in a fraction of the time you may think it will take, you can go from dreading your basement to being proud of it; you may even drag unsuspecting guests down to in order to show off your organizing prowess!


Your bedroom should be your own personal oasis away from the hustle and bustle of life…a place that reflects who you are and what is important to you…a place that makes you smile and welcomes you after a long day as well as encourages healthy sleep habits. Unfortunately, we often find bedrooms being the “holding spot” for unfinished projects, heaping ironing baskets, unpleasant relics of the past, possessions of other family members (think kids’ toys, video games, out of season clothing) not to mention school or work items that negatively effect your sleep – in other words, a big mess! Let Bee Organized help you take back your bedroom and redefine the importance of your own space.


Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?! Can’t ever find that perfect scarf to complete your outfit as you’re rushing out the door in the morning? People underestimate the power of an organized closet…having an organized closet improves efficiency, saves money and helps you look your best wearing what you have.  Let Bee Organized help you determine what to keep and what to get rid of, discover new ways to mix and match what you have, determine the core pieces you own and even suggest the few items to add that will tie your entire wardrobe together. We use creative and effective storage ideas that allow you to see all of your belongings and make your closet a showcase of your personal style rather than that dreaded messy beast that brings you down.

Garages, Workshops, & Sheds

The main entry of the home isn’t the lovely front door with potted plants, wreath hanging and designer porch light…for most homeowners they are greeted by the dingy, unorganized sight of their garage multiple times a day. The garage is a necessary evil but it can do a number on your psyche and your patience when in disarray. Bee Organized has many tricks up their sleeves to tackle pesky garage organization problems from wrangling kids ride-on toys to “tactfully” dealing with your husband’s ever-growing baseball cap collection!

Home Office & Craft Rooms

There are many advantages to setting up an office in your home, but one of the biggest disadvantages is keeping the space separate and efficient. If you’re trying to carve out a space in your home specifically for a command center, an office or a creative space, it can be difficult to keep it clean, organized, and separate from family living spaces. It’s easy to let papers pile up in your home office, or let kids’ crafts invade your study space. Bee Organized can equip you to get control of the clutter before it takes over!

Laundry Rooms & Mud Rooms

Laundry rooms and mud rooms can often become cluttered with castoffs, making it impossible for these rooms to function as they should. Let Bee Organized declutter and clean out the piles of clothes, stacks of shoes, and yes, even help get the gunk out from behind those heavy washing machines. They can then institute some great laundry room hacks to keep those clothes and cleaning materials where they belong.

Pantries & Kitchens

Pantries are truly the heart of the home! However, more times than not they are neglected to the point where they can’t play their role in providing nourishing meals, family time and cost-saving opportunities. Your pantry should serve you and your kitchen, not cause an even bigger headache at meal times.

Playrooms & Toy Management

Whether you have one kid or enough to field an entire baseball team, toys can get out of control in a hurry and in desperate need of organization! This is one area where the “less is more” rule applies across the board! When kids have too many toys they simply serve as a distraction and clutter rather than an invitation to creative play. Bee Organized works with you, and your kids, to edit their toy collections to ensure that what remains is age-appropriate, has no missing pieces, has batteries if required and is actually of interest to your child. Setting up a place for everything and a system that is realistic and sustainable will empower your kids to put their toys away on their own and eliminate the constant mess. It certainly is no secret that kids play longer (and quieter) with their toys when there is order to them. Let Bee Organized add order and creativity to your kids’ playtime which adds peace to your entire hive!