The Bee Organized Process

Project Assessment

Bee Organized will come into your home to meet and discuss your goals and ideal layout for each space. We will determine what is and isn't working currently, and will keep detailed notes and pictures to be fully prepared for the actual organization session(s). The assessment is a critical step as it provides crucial information for Bee Organized to plan a customized solution - one that will be sustainable for you and your family. Once the assessment is complete, Bee Organized will provide you with an Estimate of Services.


Bee Organized will break down the project and goals discussed at the Assessment and will provide a written plan to reach those goals along with a proposed timeline.

Once the Assessment and timeline are agreed upon, it's show time!

On the Job

At the start of your project, Bee Organized will pull all items out of the designated space and together we will determine what items are to keep, trash, move, donate, etc. FAIR WARNING - Quite often, this stage of the process is quite messy leaving you to think, "what have I gotten myself into"?!? Hang tight and have faith as there is a tried and true method to our madness. Very quickly, order starts to appear - a rhythm begins and before you know it, we are buzzin'! As we work together, the Bee's will continually ask you questions about all items to determine whether to keep or find a new home. This unique process will provide a comforting formula allowing decisions to be made quickly and confidently.

Once we have worked together to get through all items, boxes, tubs, shelves and drawers, your Bee's will quickly turn on the buzz and establish customized organization for the space based upon your lifestyle, habits, requests and goals. The finished product is a fresh space with new purpose - one where every item has its place!


Bee Organized takes a customizable approach to ensure each client's needs and habits are incorporated into the solution. This allows for a sustainable system - a system where everything has a place. Our solutions encourage all members of the family to participate in the maintenance process – before you know it, you won’t even have to think about it! Should future events arise and you find yourself needing a refresh, ask about our maintenance package to help you maintain your space all year long.