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Our Process


Bee Organized will come to your home to meet with you and discuss what is and what isn't working in your space and to hear your goals for the space(s). Bee Organized will take notes and pictures, measure and probe for further information to learn how you and your family use the space, what your habits are, etc. This assessment is a very important step because it provides crucial information for Bee Organized to plan a customized solution that will be sustainable for you and your family. After the Assessment, Bee Organized will provide you with an Estimate.


Bee Organized will break down the issues and goals discussed at the Assessment and will provide a written plan to reach those goals along with a proposed timeline.

Once the Assessment and timeline are agreed upon, it's show time!

On the Job

The first day of your project, Bee Organized will help you pull all items out of your space and together we will determine if item are to keep, trash, donate, etc. Often, this stage of the process is crazy and looks as if we are making a bigger mess than what you started with ... and we are! However, hang tight, have faith, there is a tried and true method to our madness. Very quickly some order starts to appear, a rhythm begins and before you know it we are buzzin'! As we work together, Bee Organized is continually asking you very specific questions about items to help you determine whether they stay or not. This unique process provides you a comforting formula to help make decisions quickly and confidently.

Once we have worked together to get through all items, boxes, tubs, shelves etc. Bee Organized turns on the buzz and establishes customized organization for the space based on your lifestyle., habits, requests and goals. The finished product is a fresh space with new or refreshed purpose where everything has a place. The systems put in place will be sustainable and easy to maintain with small tweaks throughout the weeks as the space is used.


Getting organized can be like losing weight, it requires diligence and maintenance or else you fall back to your old ways and find yourself in a mess with those stubborn pounds back on! Bee Organized takes the important steps of customizing their approach to match your needs and habits while making the systems sustainable so that you can keep the order with minor touch ups as the spaces are used. Everything having a place and in it’s place encourages all members of the family to participate in this maintenance – before you know it you won’t even have to think about it! But if you do have to think about it and need a little help, the Bees will come back and swarm your spaces to restore order and tweak the systems in order to achieve simplifying success!