Our Assessment Process

Q & A: Our Assessment Process

Q. Is there a fee for the initial assessment?

A. No. Our assessments are FREE, commitment-free AND Judgment free!

Q. How much do you charge for your services?

A. Our rates vary depending on the size of your project. We have a 3-hour minimum (some cities may require a 4 hour minimum) and all pricing will be provided once we can assess your space(s).

Q. Do I need to be present for the assessment?

A. Yes. We are excited to meet you to discuss your organizing challenges! We need to get to know you so that we can provide customized solutions.

Q. How long will an assessment take for you to complete?

A. We are considerate of your time and we will be quick, we do need to make sure we gather all the necessary information in order to service you and your space properly. Generally an assessment runs 30-45 minutes. If needed, we can provide your assessment virtually.

Q. Should I try to tidy up the space before you come?

A. Absolutely not! Leave everything just as it is – we will assess the space(s) free of judgment – that is our pledge to you!

Q. Will you be taking any pictures of my space?

A. Yes. We need to take pictures in order to create a customized plan. The pictures provide a base template for our Bees, giving them an understanding of the project prior to arriving. Plus, the before pictures serve as an exciting comparison with the amazing after pictures!

Q. How soon do you start after the assessment?

A. We love to organize and want to get started right away! But first, we will email you an estimate along with our Terms & Conditions. Once approved, we will schedule your project as soon as possible!

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