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Organization Speaking & Consulting

Nothing gets us Bees talking and buzzing more excitedly than asking us to share our organizing stories and the life changing benefits being organized has to offer. To say we are slightly obsessed is a compliment to us! Often people see organization as an insurmountable, unrealistic goal that keeps them from even starting the process. Bee Organized loves opportunities to share real organizing stories and successes that inspire others and remind us that we all struggle in this arena called organization.

Our philosophy is that Organizing is a Journey, not a Destination.

We remind our clients, and anyone who will listen, that just a few simple tweaks in their spaces and to their purchasing habits can provide amazing peace and tranquility. We consult and talk to groups large and small, in formal or workshop formats and beyond. People who have attended our talks say they are energized and excited to go home and get started putting our tricks and tips to work…that is music to our ears! To put it mildly, we are wildly passionate about organization and we love to talk about it!

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