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Life Transitions

Estate Sale Prep

In times of transition, shedding items from the past can be painful, stressful and uncertain. An Estate Sale may be just what you need. If you’re doing it alone, making the multiple decisions of what to keep, give or sell can seem daunting. Bee Organized is always so honored to help simplify this process and provide resources in finding new homes for your beloved items through an Estate Sale or moving sale. We work in tandem with several local and reputable estate sale companies and can provide good insight in choosing the right one for you. As you prepare for the estate sale, we will work alongside you in separating and sorting the items throughout your home. With patience and kindness, the Bees will help you work through the decision-making on every item so that you are only packing and moving items that you love and need and making the most money in return on the items you are letting go.

Home Sale Prep & Pre-Staging

We are all aware that moving is in the top three “most stressful life events.” And there is good reason! Moving is invasive, disruptive, expensive, and not to mention a lot of hard work. But it doesn’t have to be! We at Bee Organized pride ourselves on bringing simplicity and organization to the moving process for you and your family. We can help make extensive packing checklists and moving to-do lists, teach you the best way to pack fragile china, communicate with your moving company, and stage your home to show so it will sell quickly. We can even help you during the move in process to set up easy systems and organization hacks to stay organized in your new home. We will even hang pictures and decorate your new bookshelves so that they are completely pinterest-worthy! Let the Bees make moving stress-free for your and your family!

Peaceful Division of Assets

When a loved one passes away there are numerous details and tasks to manage in addition to your own personal emotions and mourning. In the middle of it all, taking care of and cleaning out the home and possessions of your loved one looms as a daunting and emotional project that can seem insurmountable.

You are not alone. Bee Organized is here to help you with these difficult tasks. From helping to manage a peaceful way to divide personal possessions between family members to cleaning out the most intimate of spaces of your loved one, Bee Organized will be at your side helping you make order of the physical and emotional chaos. We will also creatively use our resources in helping you decide where these items go and how to best honor your loved through their possessions.

Remodel Prep

Few things are more exciting for homeowners than enhancing the home they already love through a remodel. However, we all know that a home remodel can also be stressful, time consuming and expensive! Many of our clients have turned to us before, during and after a home remodel to ensure simplicity throughout the whole process. We can help you eliminate the clutter and prepare for the remodel to begin as well as set up systems to live through the construction. Bee Organized also excels in helping you determine the new kind of storage you want included in your newly remodeled space. Once the dust is cleared and you are ready to move back in to your new and improved space, Bee Organized is there to help you set up permanent system that will guide you to make the most out of your remodel!