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What We Do

Home Organization

They say your home is your hive…but if your “hive” is in disarray then frustration and stress take over. We’re all busy and heading in a million different directions but having everything in it’s place and systems to follow help us all get out the door on time and to be more peaceful and present wherever we are. Bee Organized is at the ready to help you gain control of any spot in your “hive” and help you reap the benefits organization has to provide.

Life Transitions

Life throws you curve balls…from babies to new jobs, moving, marriage, divorce and even death Bee Organized is here to help you simplify these ups and downs that make up this thing called life. Our patient and compassionate approach mixed with extreme confidentiality and our unique methods, we can manage the order to allow you to focus on what matters most during these times – you and your loved ones.

Concierge Service

Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and personal life is one of the challenges employees face and struggle with. Luckily, more and more organizations are implementing best practices when it comes to achieving work life balance for their employees.

Bee Organized may be just the kind of service your employees would love to utilize!

Personal Concierge

Whatever your task list looks like, hand that list over to Bee Organized and feel the freedom of having your downtime back to be spent in the ways that rejuvenate you most, feel present in your daily life and help you feel successful at work, AND at home!