Concierge Services

The Bees at Your Service

At Bee Organized, we’re HONORED to manage our clients’ most precious commodity—their time. We provide personalized services that enhance and free up your time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the people and activities you value most.

Simplify your busy life and hand your To Do List over to Bee Organized. It’s not LIKE having a personal assistant—it IS having a personal assistant! Your own personal Bee will help you organize your life and protect your valuable time.

Our Custom Services:

  • Errands & Shopping
  • Managing Home Projects
  • Coordinating Home Repairs
  • Seasonal House Maintenance
  • Seasonal Decorating
  • Staging & Decor
  • Photo Organization
  • Event Coordination

“I had no idea this service existed…the Bees are lifesavers! They schedule and coordinate our home repairs, rearrange our closets every season, run errands and basically help organize our lives. They’re professional, efficient and trustworthy…plus they have access to a team of people that can do anything. I feel like I just gained more time in my day.”

– Happy Client, Kansas City

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