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Concierge Services

Do you ever have the feeling that you are dreading the weekend ahead, or even after work time because your task list is so overwhelming?  Do you ever feel pulled in a thousand different directions and still feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, and someone is always disappointed?  Feel the excitement of crossing things off your list, but the instant disappointment that follows to see that you’ve only achieved a quarter of what needs to get done, and wonder how on earth it can even be possible to finish.

With Bee Organized by your side, it is possible, and you don’t have to dread your time off any longer!!

Whatever your task list looks like: Signing kids up for sports/activities, picking up your dry cleaning, returning those birthday gifts that will never be worn or used, meeting the home maintenance repair man, taking care of those teachers gifts, even getting your front door pots planted for the season ready to greet you when you get home – hand that list over to Bee Organized and feel the freedom of having your downtime back to be spent in the ways that rejuvenate you most, feel present in your daily life and help you feel successful at work, AND at home! It’s not LIKE having a personal assistant – it IS having a personal assistant!  Your own personal Bee to help you organize your personal life.

Haul away service

We work with partners like Junk King and others to securely & safely dispose of bulk or hazardous items.

  • sensitive files
  • old paint cans
  • clothes & furniture to donate

Holiday & Seasonal Decor Assistance

Everyone loves the holidays, pulling out the decorations and flinging cheer everywhere, but not everyone enjoys the clean-up. Bee Organized assists with neatly & safely organizing & storing seasonal decorations to make them easy to find & reuse next year!

We can also help keep your front porch festive & inviting all year long with seasonal front door pots! With Bee Organized, you really can have a front porch that looks right out of a magazine!

Shopping & Returns

If you think pulling down your holiday décor deflates your cheer, the sad stack of holiday gift returns can put you under! It seems like every house we organize has a stack of items that were supposed to be returned! These well intended gifts didn’t fit, were the wrong color or never even got sent to the recipient…they sit with their tags still on collecting dust long after you have regretfully paid your credit card bill. Let the impending guilt go and call Bee Organized to swarm in and return those gifts and give you the gift of credit you deserve! And, while we’re out, why not have us run other errands for you?

Special Occasion

A good party hostess knows that organization is the key to enjoying her own party! Whether it be a birthday party, special dinner, baby shower or New Year’s Eve bash, Bee Organized can help you with every facet of the party planning process…from invitations, menu planning and Costco runs to last minute ice delivery, you and your Bees will have every detail covered to ensure you shine when your guests arrive!