Organizing Profiles

Who are you in your relationship with stuff?

The Space Giver

– May or may not have “extra” to give, but will still give up her extra space
– Has a hard time saying no and puts others before herself
– Doesn’t have the space she needs any longer because she has given it away
The relationship is with the owners, not the things.

The Memory Keeper

– Nostalgic/sentimental by nature
– Experiences guilt when getting rid of items
– Fears the memory will not live on without the items
The relationship is not with the item but with the memory it brings.

The Money Minded

– Very cost-conscious and has a hard time spending money
– Puts a value on everything
– Always looking for a good deal
The relationship is with the money spent, not with the item.

The Just-In-Caser

– Planner by nature and doesn’t like to be caught empty-handed
– The neighbor everyone can depend on
– Will buy for future events that may never happen
The relationship is circumstantial only; there is no connection to the item.

The Acquirer

– Agreeable, kindhearted, generous, sympathetic and kind to others
– Likes the thrill of the hunt – she finds shopping fun, exciting and rewarding
– Stays up on current events and trends / Tends to have multiple “collections”
There is no relationship with the item, it is about the thrill of the hunt.

The Crammer-Jammer-Stacker

– Highly intelligent multi-tasker who cares what others think of her
– Organize through cramming, jamming, or stacking things anywhere there is space
– No apparent organizational system in place
The relationship with this stuff becomes burdensome.

The Aspirer

– Has lots of interests and passions and is a creative multi-tasker
– Is holding onto the past while dreaming of the future
– Has great intentions
The relationship is with the idea, not the reality, of what could be or what was.

What’s your Organizing Profile?

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