Kristen Christian

Owner – Bee Organized Kansas City

  1. Bee Super Power? PURGING! I love the feeling of purging myself or helping people purge! There is something so powerful and freeing about getting rid of unneeded STUFF!!!
  2. Favorite place to organize?  Pantry
  3. Guilty pleasure?  Sleeping in
  4. Favorite place to unwind? My back patio with my family, friends, dog and a glass of chardonnay OR the beach!
  5. Pet peeve (or a Bee Sting)? Negative people
  6. Words to live by?  Every day is a gift
  7. Favorite Nectar (drink)? Coffee in the morning, water by day, Chardonnay in the eve!
  8. Best Inspiration?  Great things never came from comfort zones
  9. Favorite organizing tool / product?  My label maker, of course!
  10. Theme Song for Life?  Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye