Lisa Foley

Bee Organized owner Lisa Foley portrait
  • May 9, 2018

Lisa Foley

Lisa Foley is co-founder of Bee Organized, and the Chief Executive Officer of Bee Organized Enterprises. Lisa’s business experience includes sales, entrepreneurship, operations, and business development. She was the Vice President of a staffing firm, has owned her own photography business and helped start up and grow her husband’s insurance company.

Raised by entrepreneurs (and also in a very organized home), Lisa knows how to work hard and wear multiple hats to get the job done, which comes in handy running a household of 3 teenage girls along with her husband, Mike. She is passionate about organizing and helping people find the relief that being organized can bring. Lisa manages the finances for both Bee Organized KC and Bee Organized Enterprises. She is involved in the day to day details of running the business from managing staff to servicing clients. She will offer ongoing training and support to ensure the success of our franchisees. She is an innovative thinker and always has an optimistic attitude that has contributed to her success.

Lisa attended the University of Nebraska, and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Arts with a degree in Photography.