Inside the Hive

Inside the Hive

What Happens When You Invite The Bees In?

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that you think you might need help with a home organizing project, but you aren’t sure whether to take the leap. People who have never hired a professional organizing service often wonder whether their amount of clutter is chaotic enough to warrant calling in reinforcements. And those who know they should ask for help are sometimes stuck because they can’t imagine precisely what it would look and feel like to have the Bees work in their home. In this blog, our goal is to demystify the process by answering the two top questions people ask us BEEfore they schedule their first appointment!


1 How Do I Know When to Call in the Bees?

As you know, not every home organizing project requires calling in the professionals! Depending on your time, motivation, and organizing skills, you can tackle so many projects yourself with fantastic results. You might be thinking that your home doesn’t look nearly as bad as those homes they feature on hoarding shows, so do you really need a home organizing service? Shouldn’t you be able to figure it out yourself? The answer to these questions is mayBEE! When you are wrestling with the decision about whether or not to call a professional organizer, we advise thinking through each of the questions below.

  • What is My End Goal? You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Is that a small project that just needs to be touched up? Or is this a project that you need an expert to help you think through? Is this a project that just needs a partial refresh or is it something that really needs to be custom designed in a way that your family can easily maintain?
  • Do I Feel Stuck in the Process? People often reach out to us when they’ve started a large organization project, but got stuck somewhere along the way—maybe they ran out of time or lost their momentum or just became overwhelmed with decisions.
  • Do I Have the Skills to Organize Myself? With the right resources, many people can do well with small-scale organizing projects. You know yourself and your skills best—be honest with yourself about whether you have the ability to get your focus area in shape.
  • Do I Have the Time to Organize Myself? Many people have the motivation and skills to be successful with a home organization project, but simply don’t have the time. Depending on the size of the project you have in mind, you might need to find several hours or even days in your already-packed schedule. Is that realistic for you with everything else that is pulling on your time?
  • Is a Deadline Looming? We often hear from people when a pressing deadline is ahead. Are you putting your house on the market? Do you have houseguests coming to stay? Are you downsizing a home for a loved one? Sometimes you have a limited amount of time to see a project through from beginning to end—the Bees can help ensure that you meet your deadline.
  • Will I Really Finish the Project After I Start It? Only you know your track record with projects like this one. What is the likelihood that you will see it through to the very end? If you know that your motivation will likely peter out halfway through, having a Bee by your side can help you succeed!

After you answer all six questions above, you will likely be able to make a reasonable assessment about whether you should tackle this project on your own or call in the Bees! If you’d like to dig deeper on any one of the questions, you can read more about each question here. Some folks absolutely know they will be more successful if they reach out to us, but hesitate to do so due to uncertainty, embarrassment, or simply because they can’t picture what the whole process even looks like.


1 Fear of Failure

We know that it can feel intimidating to willingly open all of the doors and drawers that you usually close tightly before people come over. The most important thing that you need to understand about the Bees is that they are real people with hearts of gold. Our Bees are filled to the brim with kindness and compassion, and they are doing this work because they love helping people gain a sense of peace in their homes. Our Bees have seen all sorts of chaos and clutter over the years—and have had to deal with the chaos and clutter in their own homes too!—which means that they are ready to meet you wherever you are with zero judgment.

  • Free Project Assessment: The first thing that happens after you reach out to us is that we schedule an assessment to talk with you about your goals and to understand the size and scope of the project(s). We collaborate with you to figure out which areas are causing the most day-to-day friction and therefore sapping the joy out of your life. For any project, we will discuss with you a whole range of options—from using the organizational products you already own all the way to installing an entirely new organizational system to help you manage the chaos. The collaboration between you and your Bees is critical to customizing solutions to help your space serve your particular life as fully as possible. Do you have more questions about the Assessment step? Get your answers here!
  • Timeline and Budget Estimate: We know that not every budget can support a whole-house makeover, so our Bees work with you to create a plan that will prioritize the projects that have the most impact on your daily life and wellbeing. Our timeline and budget estimates are developed based on our years of experience organizing projects like yours, so you can count on the Bees for accurate and clear estimates that allow you to finally meet your organizing goals.
  • On the Job: The most exciting part of the process is when our Bees show up to your house, don their apron, and get to work! Be ready to be asked a lot of questions as we comb through crates, boxes, and piles, sorting one item at a time. The Bees do their best to keep the process buzzing along efficiently during their time with you. Your involvement is key for when we get to work—but you can choose how much you’d like to do on your own. Some clients want the Bees nearby every step of the way throughout every project. Others want to work with the Bees to get started on a problem area, but then feel comfortable continuing to make progress on their own between visits. Once everything has been sorted, our Bees use their expertise, creativity, and understanding of your needs and goals to create a customized and sustainable system.
  • Maintenance Planning: While the Bees are working alongside you, they will teach you valuable tips and tricks to help you maintain your newly organized space. Their goal is to design an organization system that works so well that everyone in your home can help put things in their place and keep clutter at bay. But, we know that life has a way of throwing us curveballs, so don’t forget that the Bees can always return to your Hive to get you back on track when things start to get complicated!

If you need a helping hand getting started, reach out to the Bee Organized location nearest to you. Our Bees are standing by to give you the judgment-free, compassionate assistance that you need to make your home the peaceful and organized space that you deserve. We are buzzing with excitement to get started!