Feel Good at Home

Feel Good at Home

They say your home is your sanctuary, a place to feel safe, calm and be restored. How do you feel when you come home? Does your home bring you peace, relaxation, inspiration, creativity? Or does your mood shift if you see disarray with dirty dishes, heaps of laundry, and piles of clutter on every surface? If you’re honest with yourself, most of us would agree that a cluttered and disorderly home can be a joy sucker. Experts on the topic go as far as stating that clutter not only affects our mood, but it can impact our anxiety levels, sleep, ability to focus, productivity and our general health. Who knew clutter came with such a hefty price tag!

As professional organizers, we have seen firsthand the damaging effect that clutter can have on a home and the well-being of the family living within. So many of us are living in physical clutter which is stressing us out, draining our energy, and simply wreaking havoc in our daily lives. AND there is good news…WE CAN gain back control of our home, clear the clutter, and improve our mental health and well-being.

We sat down with an expert, Catie Herst, a licensed mental healthcare professional (LCPC, with Monarch Family Therapy), for some simple tips to clear the clutter and create space that supports positive mental health in your home.

1 Recognize the impact of clutter

When our internal selves feel stressed, chaotic or unstable, it can be very helpful and beneficial for our mental wellbeing to establish external order. Recognizing that the clutter surrounding you may be causing you stress is the first step towards change.

2 Start Somewhere

Set small, realistic and attainable goals for yourself so that success is likely and confidence can be built.

3 Focus on what you can control

When life feels crazy and out of control (because so much is out of our control!), find something small that you can take control of and stick to it. Choose a small area of your home or a part of your daily routine to master and take pride in that.

4 Improve where you sleep

If possible, focus on order in your bedroom first, the place where you start and end each day. Think of this as the most important place in your home, a place for daily restoration, relaxation and peace.

5 Work Together

Remember that having order, organization systems and structure as a family unit, benefits the mental health and wellness of ALL members, no matter their age.

6 Bask in the change

Let yourself enjoy the transformed space! Never underestimate the power of a clean surface or an organized space on your mood!

There’s no denying that the link between clutter and mental health is real. Always remember to be good to yourself, give yourself grace and starting small is better than not starting at all.

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