Feel Good Holiday Tips

Feel Good Holiday Tips

If you’re like most people, the holidays can be stressful and overwhelming, sucking the joy right out of the season. Take control of the chaos this year! Use these tips to focus on being more present and savor the special moments of gathering again with those we love.

1 BEE Intentional with Gifts

Give a gift that doesn’t take up SPACE! Take the stress of gift buying off your plate and keep clutter out of the house by following these tips:

Change the Trend: Tell your friends and family that you don’t need another thing. Agree to NO GIFTS this year and stick to it!

Give an Experience: What can you experience together to create special memories? A trip, concert, sports, museum, favorite restaurant…the possibilities are endless when you really think about the person you’re gifting to.

Give Your Time: Cooking a special meal, baking a treat, babysitting, sharing your talent or lending a helping hand are way more meaningful than something you could buy.

Give a Consumable:: What’s your friend’s favorite coffee blend or wine? Create a photo slideshow or music playlist. Or consider a subscription to Netflix, Audible, meals, etc.

Make a Donation:: Choose a cause close to their heart and that does good in the world.

Give a Gift Certificate: Of course we think a Bee Organized Gift Card is the perfect gift that not only simplifies and reclaims space, but keeps giving all year long!

2 Follow the ABC’s for Healthy Holidays

  • Ask for & Accept help
  • Boundary Setting
  • Compromise & Control

Learn more in the video from our resident therapist, Catie Herst, LCPC, Monarch Family Therapy.


With the hustle and bustle of the season in full swing, we thought a few good checklists might come in handy to keep you organized and focused on your holiday preparations.

Get ready now for Holiday Guests with this checklist so you can be fully present when they arrive.