Suzanne Allbee

Suzanne Albee portrait
  • April 25, 2021

Suzanne Allbee

Owner – Bee Organized Seattle

Crystal award 2023

  1. Bee Super Power? I’m a “People Person” and love meeting, learning about, and helping others. I enjoy strengthening a sense of community through connecting people and building relationships.
  2. Bee Organizing Profile: The Just-in-Caser
  3. Favorite place to organize?  Kitchens! I’m a self-proclaimed “foodie” and believe kitchens are truly the “heart of the home.”
  4. Guilty pleasure?  Hostess powdered sugar “donettes.” I craved these when pregnant with my first daughter and still find the need to buy them on occasion (they are a must for camping trips!)
  5. Favorite place to unwind? Around a campfire with great friends
  6. Pet peeve (or a Bee Sting)? Laziness
  7. Words to live by?  Live authentically
  8. Favorite Nectar (drink)? Washington & Oregon wines, craft cocktails, Diet Coke
  9. Favorite food/candy? Crab legs, oysters and buttery shortbread cookies
  10. Best Inspiration?  My Family
  11. Favorite organizing tool / product? Drawer dividers
  12. Three words your friends would use to describe you?  Adventurous, Genuine, Thoughtful
  13. Theme Song for Life?  “Three Little Birds by Bob Marley